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Special Kids  Special Choices 


Special Education Advocacy

targeting options on behalf of children

 and helping their parents achieve results since 1996



Rev. Geri Baskind, J.D.

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An advocate and an educator with a diverse course of study that includes a Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) and a Master’s Degree in dance education, Geri’s most important qualification to work on behalf of your family stems from working for her own family.


Having raised two special needs sons, both adults now, Geri’s pursuit of an appropriate education and options for them led her to pursue a career in Special Education Advocacy in order to help others identify their options, navigate the system, and hit the mark for their special needs children.


A resident of the Bay Area, Geri’s extensive knowledge of the public education system and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) comes from not only practicing Special Education Advocacy and working as the Client Services Coordinator at the Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE) for over thirteen years, but also from within the system as the Director of Legal Support Services for the Special Education Department in Oakland Unified School District. 


With over 20 years of special education advocacy experience, Geri has:


• Intricate knowledge of federal and state special education law, legal   process and procedure;

 • Extensive background working with special needs children including       parent advocacy in the public education system;

 • Intensive experience and knowledge in administration and management of day-to-day activities for a public educational system as well as a Non-Profit Organization.


Geri is also Bi-Lingual in Spanish conversation

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